Unique Metal Acts That Have Caught My Ear Recently

Let’s get down to it: I’ve been listening to way too much music. Yet sometimes I end up music ruts that leaves me nauseous (literally nauseous…does that actually happen to anyone else?). I’ll be casually browsing around looking for something that is gonna bring back my passion; some track that doesn’t just fade into an endless pool of similar sounds/bands. Or something that hasn’t quite taken off, but has exciting potential- it always feels like such an honor to be one of the first to know. At least now, I’ve figured out what I want to share, so here goes nothing…

  1. Unveil the Sense

They formed back in 2012 and hail from Athens, Greece; with major local success. Their first album “September 3000” is not available on Spotify, but shows off their unique ability to mix electronic and metal riffs. Their second, “Beachy Head” has such a heavier influence of dark electronic sounds and rap/hip hop influence, straying a bit further from metal. It is still incredibly difficult to execute this kind of genre-bending, but they somehow manage it gracefully.

The newest single, “Prisoner” is more modest and simplistic; but it’s the band’s move back to their roots, exuding an emo(ish) spirit and rocking it out heavy.

2. Lonewolf

Not to be confused with the French power metal band. I really couldn’t find much about them, but this song reminds me of an electronic/trap-influenced Of Mice and Men.

3. Artificial Language

There is no way I’m doing this list without including progressive music. California prog metal band, Artificial Language, released their album “Now We Sleep” was released May 17. I love how it seems to balance an atmosphere of some kind of fantasy world, and metal heaviness. They’re definitely on their way to the top with the other progressive legends.


NOT ENOUGH come from Cracow, Poland and describe themselves as alternative metalcore, but I would just call them amazing. This track, “To L-ve” seems like a beautiful mixture of early Night Verses and Bring Me The Horizon, their sound is so familiar but they also breathe new life into the genre. There is screaming, a poetry/rap kind of verse, and just straight up stunning lyrics and singing. Check out their EP “To L-ve” which came out May 3 and you won’t regret it.

5. The Resonance Project

Woo hoo! Another metal based in California (I’m from there) and ready to blast you into outer space. Made up of only guitarist/bassist Yas Nomura, and drummer Lang Zhao, they pack a big punch- and just started releasing music this May! Nomura is also part of the alternative metal band HYVMINE, so be sure to give them a listen as well: shown below, their new single released May 24.

6. Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry, the band who insists on performing in their native language, Te Reo Maori- the language of indigenous New Zealanders. Their track, “Raupatu” won an APRA Maioha award for their discontented critique of the 1863 New Zealand Settlements Act, which allowed for government confiscation of the Maori people’s land. This thrash metal band are not rebels without a cause, or to be messed with. Even with the language barrier, they signed on Napalm Records and have sold their music globally. Shown above is their new single, Ahi Ka.

Well there you have it! A few bands I thought were worth the listen, and as always, there is much more to come. Rock on.

One comment

  1. I used to get burnt out when I started reviewing, and still do here and there. It’s definitely taxing not only listening to a few albums a day but analyzing them!

    Also, I found The Resonance Project a while ago. What a cool band!


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