This alt metal band rising up the ranks, and I’m obsessed

Good Saturday everyone! I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with final exams, but summer break is around the corner which means: plenty of new music to share 🙂

Although I only have one band to share with you today, I couldn’t rave about them enough. Multiverse are the perfect amount of heavy and light: vocalist Nick Presnyakov provides some nostalgic classic rock vocals, while also maintaining a post-hardcore-esque quality. The electric violin is such a unique touch to some of their songs, and a nice balance to their rough vocals and guitar. They opened for Asking Alexandria back in October of 2017, in their native Russia, and have sense been working tirelessly to get their name out there globally, especially through social media. Their newest album, Beyond, was released October of 2018, and have been on their way, quite quickly to super stardom. To Stay, is probably my favorite off of the album; the studio version is phenomenal and gives me chills- there is a lot promised for these this band so check them out! Stay tuned for more recommendations on the way.


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