Incredibly melodic piano-only EP, “Alone”

I will be the first person to admit that lyrics/vocals are important in a song; it’s how I feel most connected to a piece. But sometimes, there is a very rare artist out there who is able to speak so much through simplistic means- in this case, it’s just a piano. This artist, who goes by the pseudonym Lambert, seemingly uses only his fingers and vast production skills to foster such an emotional ambiance that no lyrics are ever needed. He newest work, Alone, was released May 10 so you can hear for yourself!

Lambert released “We Share Phenomena” in 2018 which featured a singer named Dekker, to accompany his piano melodies, but it was much more of an equal collaboration than an accompaniment. Both artists brought their own voices to every song; Lambert’s classically-influenced, electronic vibes and Dekker’s melancholic indie-pop voice.

“Another One” has much more of electronic, pop-format elements, while “You’re Free to Cut” is much more of a classical ballad which showcases Lambert’s piano

Featured image is from Lambert’s Instagram:

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