Want a taste of 2000’s pop-rock?!

New central New Jersey quartet claims to progressive rock, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg! They take “influence of bands of Muse, Paramore, The Mars Volta, and Hiatus Kaiyote”-as stated from the band’s page. I’ll admit, at first I was very much skeptical of this track, it just seemed too simplistic for the progressive rock genre, but I realized that element was needed to make it unique. That simple riff in the beginning is reminiscent of Paramore’s early sound. Here’s the first verse:

Clocks don’t stop,
open your eyes and see through the dance fog.
All the broken hearts and tears are seeing through deepest fears.

Oh how time has gone,
but we still move on

Vocalist Ava Panza belts out the chorus pitch perfect and passionate, very much like Hayley Williams:

It doesn’t seem so long ago
Time doesnt move so slow

It doesn’t seem so long ago
Time doesn’t move so slow

I love that this band is a decent blend of progressive rock and this nostalgic 2000’s pop-rock sound, it keeps it a steady balance of the catchy-ness of its pop element, and the skillful, eccentric guitar of progressive. It brings out both the emo phase in me, but also a more refined sound that I’ve grown more accustomed to after listening to many kinds of metal and odd diversions of it.

This is ElephantTalk’s beautifully done website, to find out more about them! This is a band you need to catch on the way up for sure, so don’t forget to check out their upcoming track “Ivory”.


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