This band is a mix of Radiohead and Glass Animals

Little Grim are just starting out blending alternative, indie, psychedelic, hip-hop, jazz and they’re doing a fantastic job at it. The south London-based band released their first song Hoodie in April 2017- with harrowing lyrics on heartbreak and confusion, driven by a catchy legato guitar riff, reminiscent of something Radiohead would use. It starts out cool and jazzy; vocalist Joe Murphy sings in an airy falsetto, almost a set up for anxiety. The sadness climaxes in the chorus, and Murphy drops his voice, as if purging more emotions. There is so much emotional diversity in just one track.

Here are my interpreted lyrics from Little Grim’s live performance with SoFar:

Little Grim’s most recent EP (4/5/2019), Pink Skin/Blue Bruise is where I hear a lot of Glass Animals influence, used in such a graceful way that still maintains uniqueness- they embody the band’s blend of electronic, yet groovy soul, and primal rhythms. I can even hear a some Murphy’s vocals sound like Tame Impala, like in the introduction of Silence. Regardless of what influences I hear, I know Little Grim has their very own style and will draw many people in with such diverse sound. Take a listen below!

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