The warrior theme of Tool’s new songs

Tool basically begs you to buy their album; they’re anti-streaming and…youtube sucks

TOOL is a name many people haven’t heard from in years, literally. The progressive metal band with a fierce following released their last album, 10,000 Days back in 2006. I was only in third grade so…I haven’t yet experienced the frenzy which comes about what this band comes out with new work.

In this streaming era, I’ve still gathered up the pieces I need, from Youtube, to give their music a listen- and I was thoroughly impressed. They have incredibly complex lyrics, and instrumentally insane- they are known to always switch up their time signatures and even implement elements of complex math into their songs (Look up any video on their track, Lateralus). Even their creepy claymation, stop-motion music videos are designed and directed by TOOL’s guitarist, Adam Jones, who happens to also be a renowned movie effects artist as well.

Although their fanbase consists of both the coolest people in the rock community, and super pretentious d-bags, TOOL has understood how to get a reaction from any kind of audience. So after 13 years of silence, they made their return a loud one.


Their new singles, Descending and Invincible, were played on May 5 at the Rockville Festival in Jacksonville, Florida. There are only choppy, echoed lyrics that can be heard in the video above. It doesn’t stop people from navigating through it and finding out lyrics. Descending, as lyrically interpreted by fans, seems to be about a survival and legacy of some kind- there is a passionate call to arms.

This theme seems to go well with Invincible, as there are mentions of a “warrior” figure. Keep in mind, TOOL is known to not only be heavily symbolic, many times in a spiritual sense. Invincible’s lyrics seems to fit this category, but it is really grounded in a reality, a harsh one, and it doesn’t seem to stray into those areas of spiritual awakening, or realization of someone’s sense of self. That’s something I can truly root for; it’s as if TOOL has their own mythology of warriors, battles, and their fight for survival. I wonder if it will be a concept album like I’m predicting. I hope us TOOL fans get a decent recording of this soon, and official lyrics please!

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