How does CHON stands out in the post-hardcore community?

Oceanside, California band CHON- have always played shows with post-hardcore and emo bands, but their sound goes far beyond the aggressive djenting and screaming of this scene. Though they are signed to Sumerian Records, and definitively have these influences in their music, their somehow beautifully incorporate elements of jazz and progressive rock. Many people recognize their post-hardcore “skeleton”- the various rhythms of drumming, and certain guitar harmonies- make it recognizable, and digestible for the listeners of Sumerian Records bands.

CHON’s new singles, Peace and Petal, use top tier guitar licks and sends you through the brighter, happier side of progressive rock; I picture their music as a soundtrack driving alongside the beach. They use all the feel-good seventh chords, and just the right amount of experimentation to keep me interested, but not feeling lost , an unfortunate symptom of some progressive rock/metal which gets too musically expansive.

Check out CHON’s Spotify with all their previous work to decide for yourself if their upcoming album will be your summer soundtrack- it’ll be released 6/7/2019!

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