Need to chill out…?

Midnight Blue off of Puma Blue’s EP- 2018(It’s a long EP)

My attention first perked up at Jacob Allen, who goes by Puma Blue, after hearing that he is influenced by Radiohead and John Frusciante. I took a listen, and was honestly a little bit unnerved by Puma Blue’s first track off of Blood Loss. The fuzzy effect on As-Is made me think it was going to be a chill song, perhaps accompanied with soothing vocals, but I was so wrong- and I loved that it proved me wrong. And the last few lines of As-Is are quite dark:

And as my knuckles burned blue, you slipped through
Into a deep sleep forever, away to otherness
And I had to bury you under the mattress, but I kept you

His simplistic tone of singing reminded me of Billie Eilish, it was enforced even more with the devilish undertones of As-Is. It was a great kickstart to a complex album of both order and disorder. Some chords don’t seem to fit in to the track, some sound effects are haunting. It almost feels like a light at the end of the tunnel once there is a audible beat to grasp onto. Even then, I’m still floating in space.

I had never really gravitated towards lo-fi jazzy/hip hop stuff, but wow. This album is actually really, really chill- almost too chill. There are plenty of other words for it, but this one stands out as its main feature, yet it’s hypnotizing enough to keep you listening.

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