Night moves into year, year moves into dawn

Released 4/10/19

Soft, grungy melodic band New Idea Society releases their first material in eight years- with their first single coming out early this year, Now is Here, and their most recent Wave Goodbye. These two tracks do not subscribe to musical boundaries, I love that they seem to blend in punk, indie, etc. and that anyone can find an aspect to these songs that they find familiar. The repetitive guitar riff of Wave Goodbye is powerful background melody, as if it is about to explode into a solo; feeling as if it belongs in much louder, wilder 80’s metal. Instead this guitar seems so beautifully trapped in a tragic, rhythmically steady song. The character of the song seems so hung up on a situation, or a person- “I’ll never wave goodbye”. While things move along in life, there is very little acceptance for this vague ending; no waving goodbye. For some weird reason, the vocals very much remind me of Joy Division, with a certain detachment, yet depressive quality to it. Not that the singer sounds like Ian Curtis, but his voice seems to embody this energy. I loved this genius verse for Wave Goodbye:

Night moves into year, 
Year moves into dawn, 
Dawn becomes, 
All is just a day, 
Day is just an hour, 
Hour becomes, 

I thought this perfectly captured the feeling of time escaping quickly. This verse still boggles my mind, it feels like it’s suggesting that time moves so fast, yet it’s so irrelevant, that it barely even exists- dawn becomes all, hour becomes all. It’s crazy to think that we, as humans, measure things through time, none of that is important in the grand scheme of the universe. What do you think of this verse?

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