What is Yugen?

The Mysterious Experience hail from Palmdale, California

Psychedelic/indie band The Mysterious Experience explains what Yugen is within the first few seconds of their music video for a song by the same name. I like that this inserted definition gives the listener a preconceived idea of how they should interpret the song. It suddenly isn’t just a love song, but magnificent love beyond our imagination, in connection with the essence of the universe. An everlasting experience (as shown with the hands holding over and over)

Seriously, these visuals are really hypnotizing. Seeing two hands clasp each other feels so familiar and primal, I almost feel the same butterflies as if I was in that moment. It gives me an outside perspective of love, like feeling part of love just by looking at a gesture of it.

There is such a steady, relaxing energy to this song. Of course, there is a heavy influence of many of the great 60’s rock artists, but it still feels very modern; and the vocal harmonies give a simple melody much more depth. The carried out “ahhhh” feels like a meditative, euphoric mantra. I can already hear this song in the background of a first love kind of movie, with all its grand, romantic lyrics.

This kind of heart-racing love is a perfect demonstration of Yugen isn’t it? Cause sometimes we just can’t explain why the chemicals in our brain go crazy like this. Yet this is the way of the universe, and how our species even continues to survive. How our awareness continues to survive…anyway listen and chill out! That’s truly what this song is made for.

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